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Recolors of the toddler base game shirt and tights with colorful Frugi designs and patterns. Merry Christmas! I must begin my remarks by sharing a confession with all of you: our church does not look this beautiful every Sunday! I do not speak of the decorations which beautifully announce our joy on this occasion when we celebrate the birth of the Child Jesus at Bethlehem. I am speaking about all of you, the people of God who fill and make beautiful the Lord's house which exists for your sakes, for the purpose of providing for your own meeting with Jesus at Christmas and every Sunday. You are God's people through the grace of Baptism and your presence here which glorifies God beautifully praises His goodness and love and is a true Christmas gift to me, your priest, for which I thank and praise Him. In our Mass this evening we also keep the Lord's Day holy together because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. This Baby will, as must all of us whose birth into this world he shares, one day also die. But His death will not be as beautiful as is His birth this night. The wood of His crib foretells the wood of the Cross upon which He will freely give His life for you and for me. And His death will be truly for our sakes because His life which begins this night and shares in our lives is never to end: His Life Divine triumphs over the grave in order to share that victory with all flesh, with every human being who was ever born. in his name the Gentiles will hope. I was not getting anywhere. I wanted some that were new to me, and hopefully to you. I became still, and "suddenly" I remembered the old Ideals on the shelf. Many times, most times, the thing you need is right in front of you. This is not a new experience for me, I know the lesson well. "Residents of the Texan coastal city of Galveston face 'certain death' if they do not evacuate, the National Weather Service has warned. "Assuming the quote is accurate, the Weather Service is lying. Weather prediction is not that accurate and even a catastrophic flood does not kill everyone. But it is hard to point out that people are lying when they are lying in a good cause without being accused of minimizing dangers or wanting people to die. " A lot more than two people chose to stay in Galveston. Those Chinese news animators sure hit a home run on occasion, don't they?Labels: if it didn't happen that way it should have, in the news, world view. Just keep hitting refresh for new ones. My favorite so far:"Your presence reminds one of a blind jackal, eternally dependent upon misguided archbishops to provide instruction in bowling.

"Labels: heh, timewaster, You Do That In Public?.

Online friend and writer of Monster Hunter International.

Larry Correia has a brand new blog. Go see. He's a good guy. Labels: Other blogs, writing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To my main squeeze. Today I am using a fun stamp from Pollycraft along with my Perfect Paper Crafting tools to create this simple but cute card. I decided to break out my color spritzer to do a blue background for my image. The color spritzer will hold a variety of markers including SU and Distress Markers. I used a SU marker as that is what I have on hand. First let me say, my markers are OLD, meaning not new and juicy but I still had no problems getting the background I desired. You place the marker into the holder as pictured: Then you squeeze the "bulb" of the spritzer to add color to your paper. Good Morning! Have a little Princess to share with you today from The Greeting Farms latest release. I used some new papers from Crate Paper. I can't stop buying them!! I have to say though, I do use them! At least I am not HOARDING them. lol It's tempting though!! Also did you notice my pictures? I have been experimenting with different places around my house to take pictures. So far I am not liking many of the places. Either it's too much light, not enough light, yellow light. But when I take them outside they tend to make the photos look faded out and you can see the shading in the faces. Good morning and happy FRIDAY! I am so doing the happy dance. It's been a long, busy week and I think I shall be popping open a bottle of wine tonight! Hubby and I have been staying up late watching the NBA playoffs. Last night was NOT a good night for our house. Argh.

one more game.

Let's hope my boys can bring it!! They are getting old and I would love to see them bring another banner home! For this weeks Farm Fresh Challenge we want to see your Masculine cards.

I used Prince Ian from the lastest Greeting Farm release.

Came across this interesting article today: Jobs Go Unfilled Despite High Unemployment. There are many more players than there are available seats. Yet at Extend Health, a Medicare health insurance exchange firm in Salt Lake City, the problem is just the opposite—a growing number of chairs to fill and not enough people with the skills to fit the jobs. “It seems like an oxymoron in this environment that you can somehow be challenged to find great workers,” CEO Bryce Williams admits, almost sheepishly. For this fall’s Medicare Enrollment season, the firm will need close a thousand workers. “They need to be able to pass the state of Utah exam, which is not easy, “he explains. McDonald's Chief Operating Officer Ralph Avarez told analysts on the second-quarter conference call in July that backing for the Dollar Menu remained strong throughout the U. S.

Acknowledging the concerns of franchisees, McDonald's is testing the Double Cheeseburger at different price points in a limited number of restaurants, according to McDonald's USA spokesman Bill Whitman.

To this list add increasing life expectancy rates. Even the box retailers are looking to profit by death. I've not been able to find a picture of Lisa Elisabeth Smith. She it is who found Dr Christian Solomonides guilty of professional misconduct, and suspended him for two months. The sheer wrongness of this verdict can't be overstated. I have no doubt that had the victim of this kangaroo court stood up and challenged the GMC in the high court he would have won, but the GMC works by intimidation and fear, designed to break down the victim's will to fight. Not only is this verdict a breach of the Human Rights act, it is also contradictory to the GMC's own policy. It was their view that the GMC should not attempt to curtail doctors' rights to express their personal opinions. “History does not record anywhere at any time a religion that has any rational basis. Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help”Robert Heinlein. I see yet another hospital, Airedale, has been found to have had serious failings as a result of managerial obsession with acquiring Foundation status. A report has stated that the managers lived “In a parallel universe” and that the goal of Foundation status “became an end unto itself” It also accused management of “losing sight of their overriding goal of serving patients in the best way possible. " If you look at Airedale hospitals website it introduces itself thus. “Airedale NHS Trust is an award winning NHS hospital trust. ” Parallel universe indeed! The newspaper article refers to “management” in bland anonymous terms. But they are not anonymous. If you treat the people who do the work badly it is the best of them that leave. David Colquhoun. Considering the Lunar New Year week ahead, turnout was pretty good with strong representation in all pace groups for both HM and FM runners. Along the route, the FM trainees would have to tackle the mentally-draining Changi Coastal stretch as well.

The first half of the run was made easier with that immaculate cool, crisp weather of light winds.

To better keep pace and to avoid speeding too much, the respective group runners were chatting with one another to alleviate boredom as well as keep one another in check. After the U-turn, the sun came up, although the heat was not felt that badly as our backs were facing the sun by then. Hydration and fuel plans continued to be executed accordingly, with the Falcon trainers giving regular feedback and the constant reminders to stay the pace and maintain good running form.

Art thou that prophet? And he answered, No.

Country would be a place but the last two words Christ uses, kin and house, describe family. Kin we know but house refers to a family or a dynasty in ruling terms. It is interesting to note that in the Old Testament the house of God is a place while under grace the house of God is a group of people, a family. Its a pretty good read. But, what impressed me is the similiarity between Obama's crowd and the gang that came to Washington with Reagan, many of which, if you recall went down in flames. Its worth reading, but only if you like gossip about political hacks. Can we say President Harding here? President Grant? Of course, it remains to be seen if this bunch will embarass him. The history of the making of the movie is fascinating to me and worth seeing for that alone, but the film didn't do much for me as entertainment. It seemed overwrought to me. "Once upon a midnight clear, there was a child's cry. A blazing star hung over a stable and wise men came with birthday gifts. But especially with gifts.

Aunt Martha has always wanted an orange squeezer, and Uncle Henry could do with a new pipe.

There are a couple of scenes in the film that strongly reminded me of Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper. Striking. trailer:Roger Ebert calls it a great film. FilmRef. Gal. In another place, St. Paul says that, by the promise, Abraham saw Christ from afar. St. Ok folks, this was another question posed to me by someone on the scene who is a good friend of mine. At first I thought the answer was easy but I am not so sure it is. This is of course a way of life I live and enjoy immensely. There is nothing quite like the nervous feeling of going to see your disciplinarian for a punishment due that you have earned for misbehaviour. And, of course the punishment means something to both parties in a uniquely intimate fashion. What could be better?However before long I was realising all the other fantasies I have cannot easily be fulfilled in a domestic setting such as the BDSM play I enjoy, not to mention some of the psychological paly of interrogation scenarios and other such scenes that cannot be fulfilled in a domestic setting. So, like many women I was talking myself into wanting a joyous mixture of the two and "wanting my cake and eating it!". Fundamentally I think it depends on how I feel on any given day or period in my life, where I may change my mind from day to day. The is a woman's perogative no?Any thoughts from both any ladies and gents that read this will be gratefully received and read!. I recently came across these few paragraphs, written years ago by my wife Bessie. I hope they will be of some benefit to you. “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. How do you help someone who is not a Christian when you see a problem in their life? Well, what is the main problem of non-Christians? They do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Instead of dealing with that, so often what Christians do is jump on the symptoms of this problem. Still a bit tired, but definitely starting to feel more normal. It's definitely taken me longer to recover from Philly than from Shamrock, but that makes sense, given the thrashing I gave my quads. Hopefully in another few days I'll feel ready to get back into training.

I really do miss the workouts.

Oh, the ups and downs of training. And…. hamstring felt good. Everything felt good. Yay. I was tired, but no real warning signs during the run. This…sucked. I can’t race both. And I LOVE Cherry Blossom. Just over a week ago, something happened that had a profound affect on me. In hindsight it probably wasn't a big deal.

However, at the time it certainly seemed like it was! So what was this 'thing' that happened that affected me so much? Well the short answer is 'my iPhone'.

Read on and I will elaborate. There I was getting ready for bed after a hard day's yakka when I checked my iPhone. It wanted me to update some Apps that I have on the phone, as occasionally happens from time to time. When I began to read boating blogs, I came across the one by Peter, aka "Old Salt", of NB Futurest. It was one of the more enjoyable and a bit quirky. I subscribed and read all his posts, including those written by the boat! Sadly Peter died at the end of last year – who wrote the final post I don't know, but it struck just the right tone. Imagine my surprise when, as we were mooring up this afternoon, Futurest came by – I'd never seen her when Peter was the owner. We had time to exchange just a few words with the new owners as they disappeared off towards Great Haywood. The prevailing wind at the marina makes getting away from our jetty very difficult when it's breezy, blowing the bows in the wrong direction and pushing Erin Mae onto the reeds. Today I thumbed my nose at the wind by reversing out and up the channel, and putting to positive use what it was doing to the bows. The wind went into a sulk and quietened down and we haven't seen much more of her all day. What we saw too much of was the queue at Colwich Lock. On the way there I remembered to slow down for a photo of the cottage you pass shortly before. When the kids are with us in the summer we fit the three of them into the bedroom and, at a pinch, we could sleep an extra person on the floor of the living space. So we have no hopes of getting our extended family all on board. In fact, we don't often get the opportunity now to all be together. We're not actually having a picnic in the forest. .