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A victim of the cult of death, which decides who has the right to life and who must die so that others may live as they want. May she rest in peace. Vatican to the world: Eluana's Death is Not the Last Word. Story here. Senator Joseph BidenUnited States SenateDear Senator Biden,I deeply appreciate the collaboration your office has extended to me and my brother bishops in advancing legislation which is beneficial to the poor and the destitute throughout the United States, and, indeed, the world. I learned recently of your visit to the diocese during the political campaign and that you attended the celebration of Sunday Mass in a local parish. Sunday Mass provides Catholics with the nourishment to live in the image of Jesus Christ whose mission is directed to the orphan and the widow, to the poor and the vulnerable. Thus, human life is to be respected from the moment of conception until natural death. The Church has taught this from the beginning,and civilized societies live by this principle. I have seen these done in golds and whites and they can be spectacular.  I appreciate having this, glad I saved it,,however, I may have to add to it, or alter it, at least change the lights to white, maybe paint the frame white.

kinda big, and rather tacky.

I am thinking and praying for my friends who are on the road to recovery. Rest, and get well. As I mentioned some time back, I'm planning to spend a couple of weeks in January giving talks in Europe. The topics of the various talks have not yet been determined, but I'll plan on posting them here when I know. Concrete is made from reasonably cheap materials, it can easily be moulded or cast when wet and when it hardens it has very good strength in resisting crushing and does not lose strength or otherwise deteriorate when exposed to the weather. The one desirable quality that concrete lacks, if it is to be used as a lintel, is tensile strength, that is strength to resist being pulled apart. To provide the necessary tensile strength to concrete steel reinforcement is east into concrete. For a simple explanation for the need and placing of reinforcement in concrete lintels suppose that a piece of india rubber were used as a lintel. Under load any material supported at its ends will deflect, bend, under its own weight and loads that it supports. If you donate money to Tam's tip jar to help her with her cancer surgery, the chance of you winning something amazing is surprisingly good. No, REALLY. Now, you may say, "If they're willing to donate that stuff, why not just sell it, and donate those profits?" Answer: because the chances of leveraging this into more money for the good cause is greater, and really, this is all about raising the most money for our friend. And, if you really want to, you could sell off your winnings and donate the proceeds back to the pot. But you don't have to. Marko mentioned his intent to make an over sized margarita today. Use midrange tequila. Always squeeze your limes fresh. ALWAYS. If you don't, get one. Tamara wrote a little riff, inspired by what specifically I don't know, on the movement of our society toward self-esteem, and away from self-respect.

A bunch of us chimed in enthusiastically.

Predictably, I guess. I mean, who doesn't like to think that he has standards? Being against earned self-respect would be akin to being against motherhood. "It's disgusting. "You're damned right it is. And the parents may surely have a point to hold the school accountable over. Early morning, and almost the end of deep night shift. I'm monitoring the main intersection in town. I stop a guy in a pickup. "Sir, I'm Officer G. ""No sir. I've been watching that intersection for half an hour, and haven't stopped anyone yet, before you. A. This full size spring powered machine gun features a bipod which can steady your aim when prone or propping your gun on something. And this airsoft gun is spring powered which is perfect for beginners because of its ease of use and reliability and you don't need to worry about running out of batteries or green gas when in the heat of battle. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. Following on from my last post, it would appear from this picture that those priests who abuse young boys are simply taking their lead from the very very top. The warm and humid weather set the stage for the Kingfishers' longest training run at Mt. Faber. Because of the weekend OCBC Cycle event which had service roads to Parkland Green closed, we had earlier shifted our training to the Western Hills region. The turnout for this longest run was markedly smaller, but those who showed up were really going for it all with the very challenging route of undulating slopes along Mt. Faber vicinity and then loops of Labrador Park-Keppel Marina repeats. Still, the Kingfishers did their best to maintain good form and posture to stride through in good pace. Step into my wheels. Race in a wheelchair relay challenge on the Singapore Grand Prix race track and help us raise funds for a sports outreach programme for the physically disabled. A very strong turnout at the Changi Beach area for what would be the longest run of the Operation NightHawk marathon training series, The Coastal Melody run. a sign of their determination to go through with this basebuild phase to condition with higher mileage at steady training paces. First is the general containment which applies external pressure to the muscle groups, the second is an encouraged venous return achieved by a graduated pressure reducing from the limb extremity back toward the torso/heart. With muscle vibration the body expends energy trying to stabilize the muscle group. The material is also embedded with an anti-bacterial, odour resistant application to help minimise odour and prevent bacterial growth. Jess -One tip is to keep stretching afterwards. Even if you don't need it to prevent soreness, it still prevents injuries and back issues. The idea that there is life not resulting from biological processes is a difficult one to accept only because we are not aware of any day to day interaction with such beings we call, “spiritual. Adam, being the first man, was a son of God. He was created to look like God. I am including the slothful man and the sluggard here as they are very similar. The slothful man and the sluggard are very lazy and make excuses for their inaction. We’ve discussed several Proverbs dealing with them before. The slothful man makes up unlikely excuses to justify not being diligent and hardworking. He’s too lazy even to prepare and cook his own food he took in hunting. The sluggard makes excuses for not working as well. I wanted some hot chocolate and thought "hey, let's make this in the Vitamix!" I snuck in some red cabbage and a few collard green stems just to see how it might taste. Bring speed down to low variable and add protein powder to mix. Review: I could taste the veggies just a little, but otherwise the hot chocolate was tasty and was perfect for a night time treat. I would sneak in red cabbage again and maybe a leaf or two of spinach instead of collard greens. I'm a huge fan of this entire series and have been reading them for years.

I've grown to know and love these men and find their lives engaging and the plots interesting.

A swindler had tried to sell wealthy old Wiley Denton the location of one of the West's multitude of legendary lost gold mines. Denton has shot the swindler, called the police, confessed the homicide, and done his short prison time. I'm not a fan and won't seek out others. The characters seem fairly flat to me. The plot is straightforward but not something I found myself anxious to pursue. I found myself not feeling like I was learning about other cultures so much as hearing generalizations and perhaps even stereotypes. Can you tell I didn't like this book at all? In the end, I didn't finish it. from the back of the book:Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep of the Royal Thai Police returns in this riveting and smokily atmospheric new thriller. A farang –a foreigner– has been murdered, his body horribly mutilated, at the Bangkok brothel co-owned by Sonchai’s mother and his boss. The dead man was a CIA agent. To make matters worse, the apparent culprit is sweet-natured Chanya, the brothel’s top earner and a woman whom the devoutly Buddhist sleuth has loved for several lifetimes. I spent the afternoon with The Husband at the Botanic Gardens, and, although we walked over most of the garden, we focused on the Daffodils. It's directed by William Wyler. My new friend Librero – San Josenyong Gala, also a travel blogger from Bulacan set an event for us to attend the Singkaban festival in Malolos Bulacan. It would also be a great opportunity to invite also other travel bloggers for them to meet also fellow bloggers with same passions in traveling. I invited Jun of lakwatserong Opis Worker and Billy of Galaero Escape Travels.

Our meet-up with Librero was at Jollibee Tungko.

Someone called my name and I didn’t expect I’ll meet also my some of my other climb buddies who have also a climb at Mt. Maranat. We have meditated on the way people are directed by God or how they direct themselves. Here is one way. It is not good. “ ‘Woe to the rebellious children,’ says the Lord, ‘who carry out a plan, but not mine, who make a league, but not of my Spirit that they may add sin to sin who set out to go down to Egypt without asking for my counsel. They have plans that they implement. The plans are not God’s. Put it off: The next thing is to procrastinate, or put it off. We mentioned this already. As soon as it is over I know that I was in the wrong. I know it, but I think, “This is not the right time to admit it, so I will confess it tonight when I go to bed. ” No sense letting her know I was wrong now. If I confess it to God now, I will probably have to confess it to her now, so I will just wait and confess it tonight when I go to bed. Nobody else at work can do anything right because I am not walking in the light. I promised the Lord in the morning that when I confessed my sin that night, I would not justify myself, I would not say I was right, I would not excuse myself, I would not hide it, I would not blame my wife. I would confess it openly and honestly later. The beginning of this happened in a dream over a year ago. I hesitated to write it because it may have seemed to emphasize the breadth and depth of evil. However, I know that where sin abounds, grace abounds much more. In my dream I saw a broad way. The traffic was heavy and all of it going in the same direction. Biggest lesson learned this week was not directly running related.

But I learned some good lessons from this, and so I'm sharing, so others know to take these symptoms very seriously.

If they rip, then I clean them really carefully with rubbing alcohol. I've always been reluctant to do so, as I think music is very individual. But I'm guessing this track doesn't mean much to my pool-running buddies, or to anyone glancing at this blog. Music is very personal and individual. What motivates me is noise to you. The track that makes you certain your iPod is mocking you: Pretty much any track that references water, rain, oceans, drowning, etc. Shabby station building ready to open its doors. There has been little in the way of practical modelling going on in the Dent Workshop since Christmas, with far more in the way of editorial and review tasks to get through. However, I have managed to finish painting and distressing the station building for my latest layout project. Using a Wills plastic kit, the small booking office and waiting room now looks suitably dishevelled, with peeling paint and exposed timber here and there. The toilet block is also in a poor state of repair, with algae growing in the urinal. Four different liveries are to be offered, each filling gaps in what has been previously available. Great Western fans are offered No. Needless to say that the NCB version is my favourite and I'm looking forward to having a working model on my colliery layout in the near future. Development is at the sample stage, while final adjustments are made to the finish specifications and, therefore, we have no definite delivery date yet. Why this Question Matters. Aquinas now turns to the Person of the Son. We already refer to this Person of the Trinity as “Son” but there are other names that are used of Him. How are we to understand these latter two names in the context of Aquinas’s Trinitarian theology? In this question, Aquinas describes how we may understand the second Person of the Trinity as “Word”. To justify this claim he describes the different meanings that we apply to the token “word”. One might think that a word written on a page provides a counter example to the specificity of this claim, but one should note that the actualization of the signification of a written word occurs when a mind reads and internally or externally “vocalizes” the word. You get the above message, or a variation of it, when you start LT for the first time, or at some point later on. Autodesk provides the following Knowledge Base document to resolve the issue HERE. ◦ Error: AutoCAD is not installed properly. Today I discovered a third use for the extendable, aluminium-bodied, plastic-headed boat hook. When we bought Erin Mae, I put out some feelers about what equipment would be useful. Most people scoffed at the idea of a boat hook. And the third thing I have used it for was this: Under the first bridge we met after leaving the Ellesmere Port museum this morning was a large wodge of weed – characteristic, we found, of this section of the Shroppie. .