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In the first block, each of us ate our cookie. In the second block, I could feel the chocolate and marshmallow around my mouth. Progress on Dapol kit requires a break from building tradition. My long-running project to build a motorised version of the Dapol Park Royal railbus kit has seen some progress this evening. Once this has dried, I'll be tidying up the bodywork before masking up the windows prior to painting. I don't normally work this way, preferring to paint bodies before adding glazing, but this kit has left me with little choice. And I don't have much time in which to finish it. The bus has had a quick test run on my layout and it crawls along sweetly, under the power of the belt-driven Bull-Ant motor and chassis. Indeed, I can't wait to get the painting out of the way and get the little chugger into action.

We were so glad we got to Middlewich yesterday.

There's been a constant stream of traffic past us for most of the day. Not all the boaters were looking for moorings for the festival weekend, but a good many were. Most will have had to tie up a good way out of town, except for the few who managed to book a mooring prior to the event. In the afternoon we walked down to get a new fuse for the shower pump from those nice people at the Kings Lock Chandlery. I'm going to remember Little Rich's trick with the paper clip, should it ever blow again. Only two thoughts in our heads this morning – don't start too early 'cos that was when it was going to rain, and stop at Brewood to do a small shop. In the event we also popped into the florist in Brewood to say Hi, since they'd been very friendly on the journey north when I bought some freesias for my best beloved. So we tootled along and eventually tied up for the night on the Park Bridge moorings south of Brewood. There we found ourselves just behind Thursday's Child, whose owner assures me is cerise, not pink. The owner turned out to be Brian Holmes of the Shropshire Union Canal Society, and he turned out to have had a hand in getting moorings established along the canal, and practical experience in putting them in. So we had a bit of a natter about what determines the distance between the mooring rings. What choices are available today - the ability to code for Windows and preferably other GUI/OSs a must. x, would it be feasible and practicable to write code that makes use of the Windows API?Is there a modern, supported and preferably cheap equivalent of Turbo Pascal?Have you had a look at Delphi? It's basically Object Oriented PascalReply:You might enjoy learning Python. Libraries are available for most things, including GUI programming on Windows and other platforms. See , and for a good tutorial see cards. .