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Now that I have my own child I totally have this whole parenting thing figured out - like what works best for a baby and of course, I have the right to judge your parenting skills. Totally kidding. Parenting is a journey, but so far we have been incredibly blessed with a fantastic baby. E has been rooming in with us. The layout of our room has this little nook area with a light. Genius. We are able to turn the light on low to change her in the middle of the night. The honoured name of the Virgin Mary, which is said to mean Star of the Sea, is most fitting for the Virgin Mother. She is, therefore, that noble star risen from Jacob and raised by nature above this great and wide sea. Ye, all ye that are cast about upon sea of temporalities in storms and tempests more than ye walk on solid land, turn ye not your eyes away from the brightness of this star.

Think of Mary, call on Mary, so that ye may experience for yourself how fittingly it was said, And the Virgin's name was Mary.

- Pope Innocent XI ordered the Feast of this most holy name, which had already been honoured with a special rite in some parts of the Christian world, to be celebrated each year by the universal Church as a perpetual memorial of the great blessing of that signal victory won at Vienna in Austria over the cruel Turkish tyrant who had been grinding down the Christian people. . “For men it is impossible, but not for God. All things are possible for God. MOST sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the human race, look down upon us humbly prostrate before Thee. Have mercy on them all, most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Thy Sacred Heart. " Perhaps this percentage of thankfulness continues among God's children today. All have abundant and infinite reason to give thanks yet very few turn to the Lord with words and hearts expressive of gratitude. God's gift of faith in the Son of Man is poured out freely for all, regardless of race, language, or place. The working of his grace is seen here in the gratitude of the Samaritan. As witnesses of the Risen One, they remain the foundation stones of his Church. Peter and the Twelve are the primary "witnesses to his Resurrection", but they are not the only ones - Paul speaks clearly of more than five hundred persons to whom Jesus appeared on a single occasion and also of James and of all the apostles.

But their office also has a permanent aspect.

Christ promised to remain with them always. The divine mission entrusted by Jesus to them "will continue to the end of time, since the Gospel they handed on is the lasting source of all life for the Church. It is both more favorable and more perceptive than one would expect of a discussion of Kipling by a British left-wing intellectual c. Orwell recognizes Kipling's intelligence and his talent as a writer, pointing out how often people, including people who loath Kipling, use his phrases, sometimes without knowing their source. On the first, Orwell writes: It is no use claiming, for instance, that when Kipling describes a British soldier beating a ‘nigger’ with a cleaning rod in order to get money out of him, he is acting merely as a reporter and does not necessarily approve what he describes. There is not the slightest sign anywhere in Kipling’s work that he disapproves of that kind of conduct — on the contrary, there is a definite strain of sadism in him, over and above the brutality which a writer of that type has to have. The facts almost everyone agrees on are:Finland started by paying Russia a large sum in "reparations. "Thereafter trade was conducted as barter, with an accounting system to keep track of which country owed how much to which. Russians provided Finns with raw materials, especially oil, at a price said to be somewhat below the current world price. No money was actually supposed to change hands.

The physical production and distribution of books.

Assisting authors in writing books. Filtering books, selecting from the very large number that potential authors wish to write a small number to actually be published. I had a vague memory that the conventional account, according to which people could be persuaded to buy things by flashing messages at them too fast for conscious perception, was at least debatable. It turns out, if you believe the account on Snopes, which I gather is a usually reliable source, that the conventional account is not merely debatable, it is false—the result of deliberate fraud by one James Vicary. From Snopes:" You see, Vicary lied about the results of his experiment. When he was challenged to repeat the test by the president of the Psychological Corporation, Dr. Henry Link, Vicary's duplication of his original experiment produced no significant increase in popcorn or Coca-Cola sales. Eventually Vicary confessed that he had falsified the data from his first experiments, and some critics have since expressed doubts that he actually conducted his infamous Ft. Lee experiment at all. Tweet Weathering to cornices. Because cornices are exposed and liable to saturation by rain and possible damage by frost, it is good practice to cover the exposed top surface of cornice stones cut from limestone or sandstone with sheet metal, The sheet metal covering is particularly useful in urban areas where airborne pollutants may gradually erode stone. Sheet lead is preferred as a non-ferrous covering because of its ductility, that facilitates shaping, and its impermeability. The joint is then pointed with mortar. Flag slides easily onto pole. Push stake end of pole into ground to display. A zombie arm stake rises out of the ground holding a light-up jack-o-lantern and provides a perch for a crow. Crafted of metal, resin and plastic. That's right, get those tags ready for those Christmas prezzies!! I used NACHODEER from the Christine Groves Collection on my stamp. I used the lettering to lightly stamp a random background. Too cute! Next weeks challenge is a SKETCH:. The growing number of practitioners and enthusiasts of baybayin which now expanded its uses and transcend the boundaries of its tradition to blend with the outside world leads to the proposed modification and expansion of baybayin characters. Some had created their own new baybayin glyphs to match the Latin letters C, F, J, Q, X, V, Z and even the Ñ. The ‘Ra’ character has variations, the Bicol Mintz and the recent one developed by Norman Delos Santos for his fonts. As of this time, there are no settled standard new baybayin characters yet. On the other hand, this prompted me to do my own little experiment. The ‘Ja’ character was already proposed by Kendrick Salting a year ago which seems that it agreed well with the two glyphs. My experiment did not include the letter C, V and Z since they can be transliterate either ‘Ka’/’Sa’, ‘Ba’ and ‘Sa’ depending in pronunciation. Only the letter J, F, X and Q are my focal point. I wondered initially if I would be able to find enough to write about to keep this going but I find I have more than I can keep up with and so will have to prioritise. Perhaps the most pressing and worrying is in this article from todays Times. To put these suggested cuts in bed numbers into perspective I have done a little digging into the trend over the years. Whatever the figures I think all of us can vouch for the problem. Visit the Ops NightHawk Page for more information on the Training Programme & Schedule. Please register for your Sundown race slots HERE to take advantage of the early-bird pricing. Why anybody would want to end an eBay auction at almost midnight on a Saturday evening is anybodies guess. My eBay iPhone app had sent me a reminder a few minutes before the end of a film my wife and I were watching. I decided to view the auction alert and found that with a few minutes to go bidding was sitting at a less than a grand. Reviewing the listing I figured this may just be worth a punt. I decided on a maximum bid and entered the amount into the bidding box but didn't push enter. Lots could be wrong with it and expensive to put right if I was unlucky enough to buy a dud that I hadn't driven. I'd enjoyed and endured bringing that car back to former glory whilst still been able to use it as a daily driver. It had been a much more satisfying time than buying some heartless runabout to pimp. I was ready for a new challenge, but was it worth the risk?I now had about forty seconds left on the auction, there was no movement on the price - so I did what most aspiring Porsche owners would have done at midnight, and pressed enter. These suggestions for the depressed Christian are from Katherine Orr, who has suffered from depression for many years. She kindly gave me permission to reprint them. Cry out to God. It sounds simple, but in the numbness, fatigue and oppressiveness of depression, it can actually be quite hard! Sometimes I’ve been able to talk and cry and pour out my feelings to God that way. God knows how we’re feeling, but it’s good to get that anguish, confusion and sense of isolation out there. Wait patiently and know that His grace is sufficient. Here's the second half of my story of burnout. Summer holidays have begun, and I'm jogging. Pounding the beach, praying, tears streaming down my face. I never jog, but I run to escape the weight I'm carrying. I feel like a soldier training with a weighted pack - only in my pack is the despondency I can't shake, heavier than ever now the year's busyness has ended. There have been times when I woke to series of days filled with dreary dullness. Every movement had to be forced against a resisting heaviness. Joy in God was like something seen through the small end of a telescope: impossibly remote and endlessly receding. I say this knowing that my experience is a tiny, salty drop in the ocean of what you may have experienced. If depression ranges from mild to severe - or "situational" to "clinical" - then I have only been at the very mild end of the spectrum. I have friends who have been in and out of hospital fighting relentless darkness for many years, and other friends for whom anxiety is debilitating and depression a horror which visits and leaves without warning. Piper is too experienced a pastor not to know about such times.

And so he writes this final chapter.

So relevant is its message that it's been printed as a separate booklet, When the Darkness Will not Lift. Gangster Choppers took the Editors Choice award in Charlotte with Preacher's Daughter, last weekend. Today Head Gangster and Johnny A. The new Gangster Van is loaded with official gear, tee's, caps, parts and swag. I'm not a big fan of the author, but he's well-respected and it's a short book. I don't know why his books fail to attract me. This one is no different in that respect, but I'm not giving up on the author. In his earlier novels, he has written about conspiracy theory, the Cold War and global terrorism. Afraid to Look: by John Paul Keith. lyrics excerpt:How many bucks do I have in the bank? I'm afraid to look.

How much gas do I have in the tank? I'm afraid to look.

Are my eyes still red, is my face still white? I'm afraid to look. Cameron co-wrote, directed, edited, designed the sets and even did all of the camerawork. Self taught in the field, Cameron created most of the special effects himself on the cheap. HT: FilmChatBlog.

Youtube has sections of it but not the entire film.

These are in a playlist, which should autoplay from here:There are significant gaps between each section, but it gives a good idea of the style and level of violence and gore. The available segments are linked at youtube. " Moria says,Dawn of the Dead is about questioning the values that the survivors are trying to fight for. This movie is the only film -yes, you heard that right- the only film directed by Antony Hoffman, and having just finished watching it I fully understand why. No sense at all. We kept looking at each other, stunned by the awfulness of the thing, instead of focusing on the film. Even if it makes no sense. It may well be the worst film I have seen that I actually own the DVD of. Val Kilmer stars with Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Baker and Terence Stamp. trailer:Moria says the biggest problem is the ending. Hello folks, just to let you know about my evolving within the scene. Of late I have been discovering my Dominant side, so for those of you who like to switch or would love to see me just as a Dominant woman, I am more than happy to see you, believe me! I have been busily discovering this with friends and online at The English Mansion, and Strict Women. well, as clear as mud anyway!. However times are quieter this month and I hope to bring you my exploits with more regularity, including some VERY exciting updates from Northern Spanking. Speaking of the crew, I was lucky enough to bring in the new year with the Northern Spanking crew, Lucy McLean, Paul Kennedy, Amy Hunter and others including Niki Flynn and Josie of Kane magazine. I shall let you know how it feels. Why this Question Matters. In the previous question, Aquinas identified as foundational to the explication of the Trinity the scriptural affirmation of processions within the Godhead. The fundamental points were made that these processions are immanent to the Godhead and that mistaking these immanent processions for the economic activity of the Trinity was at the root of the two important ancient heresies of Arianism and Sabellianism. Aquinas is now faced with the task of putting metaphysical flesh on the bones of this traditional interpretation of scripture. The basic tool that he has available to him is that of the category of relation. All the while, he will navigate between the heresies of Arianism, Sabellianism and Tritheism. .