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Mix the ingredients and make sure the chicken is covered in the sauce. Wow. This was so simple and so good. I poured everything into the crock pot the night before and placed it in the fridge. In the morning, I simply turned it on low before heading to work. Very easy. By the time it was done cooking, the chicken began to shred on it's own. The Board has received an expression of interest from an investment firm to engage in a due diligence review with a view to making a significant investment in LTI. “In light of the challenging economic environment and current market conditions, the Board has determined to look more closely at a range of alternatives,” Ken Hines, President, said. ” LTI is considered one of the trike industry’s foremost leaders and is well known for its high quality and reliable products.

In addition to their unique, downtown Sturgis location, Victory will have its largest ever test fleet available for demo rides.

As an official Sponsor of the Sturgis Legendary Buffalo Chip, Victory will be participating in Chip activities all week and donating a bike to be given away at the end of the rally. m. m. buffalochip. C&C Solo Saddles, Solo with Rear Pillion and Double Saddle Models are available in a variety of Fabric Types, Colors and Stitch Patterns with your choice of Thread Color to accent your paint or graphics. Also available are two different Pillion Pad sizes. You can also customize the Seats with exotic hides including Alligator and Ostrich, or special design embroidery. C&C Motorcycle Seats offers custom seat designs for both Stock Replacement and Special Construction motorcycles. They also provide Seat Repair and Re Upholstery in Vinyl and Leather for all motorcycle brands and applications. For those of us that have been around the motorcycle industry for a while, the ART brand conjures up images of high performance racing parts that worked exceedingly well. ART is now reborn under the Rivera-Primo banner with the same fine quality performance parts. riveraprimoinc. kept in heaven for youwho by the power of God are safeguarded through faith,to a salvation that is ready to be revealed in the final time.

The virtue of fortitude enables one to conquer fear, even fear of death, and to face trials and persecutions.

It disposes one even to renounce and sacrifice his life in defense of a just cause. "The Lord is my strength and my song. Tweet Portland stone. Portland stone is quarried in Portland Islands on the coast of Dorset. There were extensive beds of this stone which is creamy white in colour, weathers well and used to be particularly popular for walling for larger huildings in towns. Many large buildings have been built in Portland stone because an adequate supply of large stone was available, the stone is fine grained and delicate mouldings can be cut on it and it weathers well even in industrial atmospheres. More recently, many large buildings have been faced with this stone. In the Portland stone quarries are three distinct beds of the stone, the base bed, the whit bed and the roach. The base bed is a fine, even grained stone which is used for both external and internal work to be finished with delicate mouldings and enrichment. The whit bed is a hard, fairly fine grained stone which weathers particularly well, even in towns whose atmosphere is heavily polluted with soot and it was extensively used as a facing material for large buildings. The roach is a tough, coarse grained stone which has principally been used for marine construction such as piers and Iighthouses. The stones from the different beds of Portland limestone look alike to the layman. It is sometimes difficult for even the trained stonemason to distinguish base bed from whit bed. I'm badly behind on my paperwork at work. The state has a new accident report format that I need to try to master, for a hit-and-run that I caught. Those warrants need tending to, as well. Tonight's my night off, and I'm seriously thinking about sneaking in to just knock some of that paperwork out, so that I can get back to patrol. In a larger department, the cases would be handled by CID, or typed up by a secretary. But in a smaller department, we do it all, including walking the case up to the district attorney. It's somewhat gratifying, at times, but sometimes it's overwhelming, when you find yourself the victim of your own success in finding cases, and your own demands in filing them correctly. This paperwork got put on hold the other night when I answered a Theft In Progress call. Dad's helping a lady find a legacy gun. Now, I know that the chances are thin, but the world is amazing, at times. "Help us find this old revolver. The current possessor would doubtless like to at least know the family, and might be interested in reuniting the gun with the descendants of the man it honors. I believe that Dad has contact info, but more info is here. Labels: family, guns, History, public service message. I'm a minor weather geek. Minor, in that I simply can't bring myself to turn on the Weather Channel and leave it on.

Geek, in that I want more than the National Weather Service forecast that most of the media use, which is too regionalized.

I've taken to checking most of my raw data from various local personally-owned weather stations that are online through the disturbingly-named WeatherUnderground. You put in your zip code, and it spits out, on the bottom, a list of privately-owned weather stations, and their rapid-fire updated history, so that you can see your micro-weather around you. Yesterday, we had started the day kind of muggy, with a strong south wind blowing up warm moist air from the Gulf. This morning there was dew on top of my car, but frost on the windshield.

Labels: speaking of the weather.

It has been busier then ever around the shop. I have some museum quality restorations going on that will be posted some day. I have done a little work on the Poor Mans Rivendell / Bobish bicycle but will post later. But for now I have had time to update Two Posts. I really like the results. Stamp: Lucille Sends Her Love Join us next week for a Sketch challenge: . Ha ha. just kidding.

Well, for now at least.

You can be assured that I will continue to update you as often as I can with accurate information. As MGM teeters on the verge of bankruptcy, I would less-than assured that he had my best interests in mind. “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you. Tuesday night was a bad night for predators. No crocodiles. No ants.

Only a few termites.

That, of course, is usually when nature decides to have her way with us. As I walked through the back yard toward the house, I noticed an eight-legged shape on the screen door.

And a large shape, at that.

"`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if spider or devil! -" Thinking for a moment that a bit of Poe might lift the mood. I’ve been thinking about waiting. The waiting you do when your hopes and dreams have been deferred—again. The waiting you do when you’re offered the opportunity you longed for but have to turn it down—again. The waiting you do when the future is uncertain and your plans can only be tentative and provisional—again. Waiting, through twelve years of raising young children and five years of our son’s chronic illness, for a time when I can do more of the ministry I love outside the home. Waiting, through my husband’s cancer diagnosis, a six-week hospital stay and half a year of chemotherapy, to be washed up on the shores of not-quite-ordinary life again. Waiting for the waiting to be over. But surely there are better uses of this time. 'Every adult life is defined by two great love stories,' writes author and philosopher Alain de Botton. In his book Status Anxiety, de Botton argues this second love story 'is no less intense than the first. and its setbacks are no less painful. 'It's an intriguing idea, and one that has stuck in my head like a burr since I read it in a magazine article earlier this year. Sometimes I ignore particular verses, sometimes I try not to think about certain passages, sometimes I even keep away from whole books. The problem with ignoring a painful tooth, of course, is that the pain gets worse and starts eating away at you. When I ignore part of the Bible, it doesn't ignore me. It bothers and bugs me, nudges and nags me, until it gets my attention. When I don't want to examine part of the Bible, it's time for the Bible to start examining me. But you wouldn’t know it when you hear his performance poetry. The other day he was playing menacing “chords” on the piano, with a voice-over which went something like this:"Burn – slash – treefall – poison – sword – gun – lava – rock – slime – hit – punch – kick – fire – electricity – slash – destroy … "Boys. Different from girls from birth. Last week I caught up with two new mothers. Add to this the fact that her baby was refusing to breast feed - and this after weeks of anguished persistance through terrible pain at every feed, until they finally reached a point where breast-feeding became possible - and you can imagine her frustration. Sleep deprivation does odd things to the mind.

And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.

Our bodies are so temporary it is stunning to think about. We are young and fit for such a short time. Youthful beauty and strength are fleeting and temporary.

Health and vitality last for a few short decades, if that.

Our body is a building, a vehicle that houses our soul. This one is temporary but one is being prepared for us which is eternal, a building of God. I’ve seen the truth of this Proverb many times in my life. You can defuse many hostile situations with kind words and nonthreatening verbal behavior. Young people, when a parent or your employer gives you advice, makes a request, or directly asks you to do something it is best not to answer back. Simply acknowledge that you understand what they are saying. Many times an employer will tell you something you think you already know and it’s a natural tendency to say something like “oh, I already know that” or “I don’t do it wrong”, or some other thing to justify yourself. After Peru’s Nazca Culture and the MayansSouth America until the SpanishCentral America until the Aztecs There were two important societies in South America in the late part of the first millennium after Christ. They were the Wari and the Tiwanaku, probably the greatest of the forerunner’s of the Incas. These cultures were both the descendants of the Norte Chico culture. People there grew crops and built huge stone monuments that predate the Egyptian pyramids.

Don't Go Into That Barn: by Tom Waits.

There's a Memphis mention towards the end.

Raimi made up a superhero, and it turned out quite well.

I enjoyed this. trailer:Moria calls it "fascinating but flawed". Empire Online concludes with this: "Certainly not Raimi at his best, but some knowing genre nods and an array of great effects make up much of the deficit. " EW gives it a B says it's "a thrillingly demented pop spectacular". I was a big fan of The Monkees tv show and got such a big kick out of it. I can still remember some of the crazy scenes, and I first learned to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo from The Monkees. The titular character is looking for love but occupied with the care of the town cemetery and defending the town against zombies. He's very matter-of-fact about it all. Youtube has it online dubbed in English, but embedding is disabled. Here's a trailer in Italian with English subtitles:Stomp Tokyo says, "there are some wonderful visual images on display in Cemetery Man. If you expect stories to make sense, then you're probably going to hate it. I discovered this artist when I participated in the Short Film Blogathon. FilmReference. ScreenOnline has a short bio and wonderful short studies of individual films.

The Australian Center for the Moving Image has an online tour of their exhibition.

There is an overview of his film work at Senses of Cinema, which ends with this:A cultural outsider with the determination, intuition and insight to move within several artistic and industrial circles simultaneously, Lye's films opened up space for an art of documentary and, alternately, the possibility of an accessible avant-garde. By inventing new ways of making films without a camera, expert knowledge or extensive equipment, he initiated a field of artisanal, self-sufficient screen practice that continues to grow and thrive. Importantly, his innovative modernist films reveal that experimental cinema can be a fun, ecstatic and pleasurable experience, self-rendering a cinema of limited means that is no less valuable. This and other tool bar parts are no longer available except by those few dealers that may have some old stock but the pricing has put most out of reach. The tool bar spacer link is used for the wheel axle and the pivot hinge for the forward wheel assembly. This item is made of leaded screw stock steel which makes for easier riveting into the forward wheel assembly side bars. m. m. O'Brien Hall, San Buenaventura MissionThe History of Gregorian Chant in Liturgy The Differences between chant and modern notation How to read and sing chant This workshop is designed for all - particulary laity - to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the prayerful beauty of Gregorian chant. The major reason I am looking to do this is because I feel much of Katherine's life has been thoroughly misunderstood and misinterpreted. As historian Retha Warnicke has noted, there is too great a focus from largely male historians on political aspects of Tudor history, rather than delving into aspects of gender and sexuality. This is, of course, particularly relevant when looking at female figures, whether queens, noblewomen or ordinary women. In view of this, my work will have an underlying focus of gender, women, and sexuality more generally to provide, in my view, a more nuanced view of this queen's life. While politics and faction are, of course, essential in any study of the Tudor court, a more balanced approach is necessary if we wish to de-construct the enigma of Queen Katherine. "You wait ages for a 'Deltic', then five turn up at once. all five working 'Deltics' in the one train: not something you see everyday!Standing in the typical Northern October drizzle, just a handful of eager enthusiasts stood on the platform of Bury Bolton Street, waiting for a very special train. Just after midday yesterday, a procession of five 'Deltics' arrived onto the East Lancashire Railway, having run on the main line from the NRM at Shildon.