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This replacement module is the fix to get rid of the EHC for good. This is the perfect fix for all Big Dog owners tired of not being able to start their bike due to electrical problems. Wire-Plus products are built to survive the rugged urban environment. In the new English text for the Creed we profess our faith in things both visible and invisible, whereas the previous version translated the original Latin text "seen and unseen". What's the difference and why is it important?There are realities in God that always remain invisible to us even if we enjoy their physical proximity. Angels, for example, have spirits as do we but do not have bodies as we do, therefore whether here or in heaven we have to believe they exist and are present even though we cannot detect them except through the power of faith. There are, however, "unseen" things that are thus because they are happening at a place and a time different than the one we are inhabiting at any given moment. The Lord speaks of these kinds of things in the Gospel today when he excoriates with severity the religious leaders of his day who "performed religious works to be seen. "For many years some of us have believed that religion has to be sort of like Missouri: "Show me or I won't believe it". and you will have treasure in heaven. Ibn Battuta, a fourteenth century North African world traveler, spent some time in the employ of Mohammed ibn Tughluq, the fabulously wealthy sultan of Delhi. The Rehla, Ibn Battuta's account of his travels, contains a section on bad things about the Sultan and a section on good things about the Sultan. One of the good things he describes is an incident where Mohammed struck a young man with no legal justification for doing so. He chose the latter, struck the Sultan, and, ibn Battuta tells us, he saw the Sultan's turban fall to the ground. Reading the passage, it is clear that the author thought that was how rulers ought to behave, holding themselves subject to the same law as everyone else, but usually didn't, hence that ibn Tughluq's willingness to accept a legal judgement against himself was admirable. I was reminded of the passage by recent news stories about unarmed men shot dead by police under circumstances where, it is alleged, there was no legal justification. Such incidents occasionally lead to the policeman responsible being disciplined. Following along on my previous post. . The global average is now, by a conservative measure, about ten times what it was through most of history, and about thirty times as high if we limit ourselves to the developed world. What changed? The obvious answer to the first is something along the lines suggested by Malthus. For no good reason, I was thinking recently about the problem of defining paternalism, of when a policy should or should not be considered paternalist. It occurred to me that there are at least three different arguments for regulations limiting what someone can do. Bad for us. If what I do imposes costs on you, that's a reason why you might want to prevent me from doing it. Bad for you.

Two possibilities occur to me.

The first is that the CPS knew its actions were unjustified but was relying on the prejudice of the population and the court system to get away with them. On this reading the real objective was to drive the FLDS out of Texas and/or to destroy it. That is consistent with at least some of the evidence. It seems clear that, about three years ago, a local legislator introduced a package of bills to the legislature, some of which passed, intended to target the FLDS. They included an increase in the legal age of marriage with parental consent from fourteen to sixteen and raising polygamy to a felony. It is even possible, on this reading, that the CPS expected to eventually lose in the courts but believed, perhaps correctly, that they could impose large enough costs on the FLDS families in the process to persuade them to go somewhere else.

It is worth noting that the only justification offered by the CPS for seizing male children was that they were being brought up to be child abusers—which is to say, being brought up in their parents' religion.

The orange indicates that they are having issues. The old cable was not connected correctly. I was getting my ammo together to shoot a local tactical match, when the range officer mentioned casually, "I didn't know that you had a blog. " Me: "A. 'blog', did you call it? Isn't that where geeks write down their inanities for imaginary people to read?" Him: "Something like that. I found this blog with an author named 'Matt G," who is a gun-friendly Texas cop, and it occured to me that you must be him. " Me: "'Matt G', you say? No last name listed? Huh. Sounds like he's trying to stay somewhat anonymous. " Him: "I'll be sure and respect his privacy, then. Since the murders in Lakewood, WA the other morning, the news stories have been filled with silly references to "execution-style murders. " What they're referring to, one supposes, is that the actor intentionally went into a coffee shop, and methodically shot and killed three police officers before having to wrestle the fourth and killing him, too. Merriam-Webster's first definition of "Execution" is "the act or process of executing: PERFORMANCE. " Well, that's kind of vague, and basically means that every action is an execution. That would hardly be newsworthy, would it? Second definition: "A putting to death especially as a legal penalty. "Webster's Online's first definition of "Execution" is "Putting a condemned person to death. "Okay. So Dad and I left a wedding on Saturday night, and drove across the Texas Panhandle and the Oklahoma Panhandle to end up in Colorado, at a blogmeet first proposed by FarmGirl, and hosted by her whole family. "Mountains!" you're thinking. Nope. We were in a part of Colorado where the terrain is less geographically interesting, though I liked it. The people there are quiet, and fiercely independent. Plump woman at the Loaf 'N' Jug? That's a small auto on her belt. Good Morning!! Today is friday and I am so happy to be going into the weekend. It's been a long week. I am still battling a cold. I swear everybody I talk to has had this bug and it's been lasting days. weeks even.

I'm no different! Then to top if off I took a nasty fall on Tuesday morning and ended up in the ER.

Had to get stitches and my knee is killing me!! So I have been hobbling along all week and am looking forward to doing nothing this weekend. The Beveridge Curve refers to relationship between job vacancies and unemployment or, more generally, between business sector recruiting activity and household sector job search activity. Theoretically, the Beveridge Curve should be negatively-sloped in V-U space. When economic prospects look promising, firms wanting to expand capacity begin to post more vacancies. The unemployment rate declines as the vacancy rate rises.

The reverse holds true when economic prospects are diminished.

Empirical Beveridge Curves don't always have the clean shape suggested by theory. Sometimes, the Beveridge Curve appears to "shift. If you look at the full legal ruling there are many criticisms that the professor should have been far more vigilant in his dealings with Wakefield. He should have scrutinised what he was getting into far more closely. I think that is a little unfair. He made in my view one fundamental mistake that we all make, only usually the consequences are not as severe.

He trusted a colleague.

He assumed automatically that Wakefield, as a doctor, was a man of integrity and that scrutiny and vigilance were not warranted. I think it is fair to say that, when dealing with our colleagues trust is our default position. good to see many familiar faces, participants of Ops NightHawk and i-Runs, as well as new faces who have joined in TFB's training programs for the first time.

After wearing the Newtons for a few weeks, the team is ready to bring these fast-running shoes for training and race-day use.

Quote of the week. The music behind all music - "In the triune God is the love behind all love, the life behind all life, the music behind all music, the beauty behind all beauty and the joy behind all joy. " Tony Reinke on Michael Reeves. I've just finished The Trellis and the Vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne. And yes, it really does live up to all the hoo-hah. Most churches would be undone and remade by this book. most churches need to make a conscious shift—away from erecting and maintaining structures, and towards growing people who are disciple-making disciples of Christ. Steve and I have been running with this model for a long time, and we've seen the benefits, as people we've trained have gone on to grow their own disciple-making ministries. The Holy Spirit mentions only certain people throughout history and leaves out a great many whom we find important. By reading this literally though, if there were many other offspring what would Seth’s replacement of Abel mean? By the text here my opinion is that Seth replaced Abel as a man seeking God which pleased his mother greatly. Seth’s son, Enos, carried this tradition on as the use of the colon means that the clause after it explains in some important way what was stated before the colon. It is possible, as well, that the other children, if there were any as I have stated, were followers of Cain’s religion. Many fundamentalist preachers make the nonsensical statement that the Jews were saved in the Old Testament by looking forward to the Cross as the Christian is saved in the New by looking backward to it. Here is one of the many verses that show this is ridiculous. But when he had put them all out, he taketh the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were with him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying. And they were astonished with a great astonishment. As I understand it there were traditionally professional mourners. I wonder if the laughers ever believed on Him? In the New Testament, sleeping referring to death, always refers to the body but not the soul. Notice how the soul came back into the dead body in the Old Testament. Fisher was an African-American author, musician, physician, and radiologist, and was involved in the Harlem Renaissance. This book was the first novel with a black detective and the first detective novel with only black characters. It's a fascinating look at an earlier time and a different culture. It's not a curiosity, though, but a good story in its own right, with appealing characters and an intriguing plot. It is this configuration that one of these seekers of the revelation of fate discovers he is speaking to a dead man. Last month I took an overnight trip to Greenville, MS. I only had one day to see the sights. Now you might think that one day would be enough in a little town like Greenville, but you would be wrong. I couldn't fit it all in! This is their visitor center, shaped like a river boat: There's a museum on the second floor, and I was particularly struck by this exhibit on Mississippi Slim: One of the first things you'll want to know is why the water is brown. It undergoes regular testing and is perfectly safe. I drank it, but it seems to put some people off. This is what it looked like in my hotel sink: The color is caused by cypress roots in the underground water source. It can be removed, but I read that requires expensive additions to their water treatment plant. Having experienced their roads first-hand, I'd guess money for infrastructure improvements is in short supply. I've read that some say the water is responsible for the writers who've been associated with Greenville in the past and that the move to drinking bottled water explains the dearth of such talent now. There's a park devoted to the honor and memory of those authors: I was particularly struck by the Walker Percy quotes: The Percy family has a family plot at the Greenville cemetery, and there's a striking monument there called The Patriot: Walker Percy himself is buried in Louisiana. It is a "portmanteau" story, with Dickens writing the opening and closing stories, framing stories by Dickens himself and five other authors. It can be read online. The Guardian says,its greatest charm lies in the way we get a glimpse of Victorian writers letting their hair down, not so much producing literature of intimidating length and purpose as playing a parlour game. The Literary Gothic calls it "almost Hawthornesque". HT: SFSignal. I learn something new every day. Images Journal calls it "one of Hammer's most underrated movies, with several truly macabre sequences. ". Don't be late for Holy Mass, set your clocks "forward" tonight by an hour. Hello folks! I have more Northern Spanking joy for you here, with Amy Hunter, Andi Switch, and of course poor Sarah Gregory, who is the CENTRE of our attention. She looks in pain the poor love. Never trust the British!Enjoy. Two and a half years ago we received the following testimony on the booklet, How to Be Free From Bitterness. It had been forwarded twice when we received it. ccmbooks. I couldn’t “sincerely” say the prayer it calls for. After several months of this, I was able too, and found that the other essays after it were XCLNT and informative also. Within the last year I’ve been blessed with having that dismissed even. Having learned how to refrain from disobedience and how to walk in the light, we are now ready for active, positive obedience. They are almost always expressed in superlatives. For example:Rejoice in the Lord always. It is a requirement. This was a source of frustration as my bedroom was only really big enough for my bed, not a bed AND a layout! Thus, the board had to be pulled out and lifted onto the top of the bed in order to use it – not a good idea, not least as it was hard to level it out. I suppose it introduced realistic gradients! The hidden sidings allowed trains to pass each other but uncoupling could be tricky!Bizarrely, I soon dispensed with my bed and took to sleeping on the floor. Yes, seriously! No one can say I’m not a dedicated modeller! A Metcalfe card kit of Dent station formed the fictitious terminal station and the location was christened Dent Junction. The track plan allowed for trains to run continuously around the oval, or be diverted into the station.

The track plan offers a lot of potential and I’d be willing to revisit it in a different context, maybe in N gauge in the future.

Much of the scenic work features in a new Model Rail DVD, The Scenic Expert, due for release very soon. rmbearings. co. uk/We are your one stop shop for bearings and transmission products. Excellent prices and. R&M BEARINGS INTERNATIONAL LTD. We've visited on a number of occasions, and did so again today. Some of the residents were preparing… some had already been productive… while yet others were thinking and singing about it. Not an arduous walk, but very enjoyable. Today, the rain kept the windows in. The wind is something we haven't experienced since we weren't allowed out of Liverpool's Albert Dock last autumn, but it's the rain that prevented the Aqua people starting on the windows. Tomorrow they've got something else on, so it will probably be Thursday before our windows get considered. We're in a berth next to NB Bimble. .