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First you need to wash them, cut the tops and bottoms off, and wash all of the seeds out. Long strips. I included a.

psd white diffuse for anyone who wants to recolor, find it here.

A simple Nightstand that looks like it's attached to the wall. I included the diffuse for anyone who wants to do recolors. I've been getting more acquainted than I would like with Bournemouth hospitals. First there was the laser treatment to avoid horrible things happening in my eyes. Then there was a visit to a skin cancer clinic to check out an odd thing on my shoulder that I'd woken up with one morning on Erin Mae. At first it had felt like an insect bite, but it didn't go away and grew into a blister.

The specialist thought it wasn't a cancer, but didn't know what it was, and six weeks later it's still in evidence.

Next was a gastroscopy to check why I was getting too much acid reflux. This went some way to explaining the unusual fatigue I'd been feeling for a week. Harley-Davidson Inc. It’s Milwaukee metal. And the baby boom generation bought it. KIA Sedona Headlight Low Beam is the Out Board large round Light. The KIA Sedona Headlight High Beam is the In Board Large Round light within the KIA Sedona Headlight Assembly. The KIA Sedona radiator cover may need to be removed to access The KIA Sedona Headlight assembly fasteners. From the rear of the Headlight assembly Remove the the KIA Sedona headlight access cap. The rotate the bulb counterclockwise to unsnap the electrical connectors an gently remove the The KIA Sedona Headlight Bulb. Procession Gospel: St. There might be a few people from your high school going to the same college. One or two of them might be friends or at least acquaintances. But for the most part you were being dropped into an entirely new world. It was an opportunity to abandon forever, or at least until your next visit home, the nickname you had been given in second grade.

It was an opportunity, with luck, to change your image, the picture of who and what you were held by those around you.

I'd just finished an email to Billy Sparks today, when I heard the postal lady drop something off on my porch and jump back into her truck. My mama actually gave me a length of it and some snaplinks for Father's Day. Billy, who works in the first responder field, mentioned that he might have some extra rope lying around. I figured that he had some old rope that was ready to retire. In fact, he had some static line that had never been used, but had been shipped in the wrong color. Different colors are often assigned different tasks. This week we have a sketch I used Tiny Townie Heidi Needs a Hug stamp and Cut it Out Again - I created a quick and easy simple water color background. Colored up Heidi needs a Hug with Copic markers.

Cut it out and popped it up with some foam squares.

Added a little of my favorite embellishments - buttons, twine and flags and done! Join us next week for an inspiration photo:. I am so not ready and at this point I don't care. I may hit up Walgreens and buy a bunch of gift cards and call it a day!! I didn't even send out christmas cards!!! So Merry Christmas from me to you! Here is your christmas card! haha Image is from My Favorite Things. Colored with Copics. Hello everybody! Here for another challenge at Magnolia-licious. It's a color challenge and we want to see Red, Pink and Whites. I have used litte Ice Skating Tilda. I know it's easy for most of you to use a "wintery" tilda this time of year. but not so much for me! To me winter basically ends after Christmas and it just doesn't feel right using "wintery" images afterwards.  I am as curious as anyone in ascertaining the effects of Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe's QE experiment. How have his promises ‘performed’ one year after taking power? The ‘performance’ will be illustrated by a set of charts. Nunes focuses on Japanese macroeconomic data beginning roughly with Abe's appointment as PM. But that's only about a year's worth of data. My coauthor Li Li and I have recently remarked on this here. Next, let's look at NGDP and RGDP growth: Well, you know. Tässä on muutamia näytteitä siitä, miten rautapuretus vaikuttaa verrattuna siihen onko rautapuretus tehty esipuretuksena vai väriliemeen jälkipuretuksena. Langat on huuhdeltu kunnolla puretuksen jälkeen. Rautavihtrillillä esipuretettu lanka muuttuu kellertäväksi.

IN ENGLISHHere are some samples to show how mordanting with iron affects the colour.

I read this on Phil Yerboots today and thought it well worth highlighting. A blogger's motto“If we never cause offence then we are censoring ourselves and others”. Conversation between my daughter and her "baby" brother. Andy, you're cute!I'm at school now. I'm not small and cute. What are you then?I'm big and tricky. I will trick you really easily. You had better get out of this room or I will trick you.

Art thou that prophet? And he answered, No.

Country would be a place but the last two words Christ uses, kin and house, describe family. Kin we know but house refers to a family or a dynasty in ruling terms. For Sale: fits a ton of years and custom applications. I enjoyed the first one much more, I think because the concept was new to me. Without that novelty there's just not really that much here for me. from the back of the book:New York is toxic -decimated by a dirty bomb. The only people still in the city are those too stubborn to leave -and those rich enough to escape to a virtual-reality haven, oblivious to the horrors raging outside their windows. But for Spademan, the city's still home. And for a hit man, it's not a bad place to earn a paycheck. At least, that is, until a routine job reveals a secret he can't ignore: terrorists are getting ready to attack the city again. This time in a way that should be impossible -and that will leave the crippled city in ruins. Coffee: by Josh Woodward. lyrics excerpt:My life is grounded in a firm routine of coffee, sleep and work. I am not boring, I just stick to what I know. I have some sympathy with this.

This may be an example of making a virtue of necessity, or it may be an acknowledgement of a personality tendency.

Either way, I think there's something to be said for it. That said, it does sound just a wee bit boring. The year has flown by in some ways but dragged in others. Tuesday visits with tea friends are a treat every week, though. view it online:Spinning Image concludes, "It's lovely to look at, and one of the director's most rightly lauded works. " FilmReference. " MSN has an overview. " Jimmy Ogle talks about the influence McFarland had over the city's early park system in an article titled "Park Place: Establishing Recreation System Was Linchpin of Improving Memphis". Maurice LeRoux wrote the music. It is available online:Senses of Cinema calls it "deeply felt, and unerringly personal". Salon. OpenCulture. Yet something about the man’s entire body of work feeds the sneaking suspicion that, no matter how many times you’ve watched everything in it, you’ve never gazed upon its depths. I told Jess I had no idea and she could figure it out. So, everybody did! Which was awesome. Everybody came to Iowa City so we could have Christmas. Despite the impending snow. Aaron said he would stay at the hospital with Blake and the rest of us had Christmas at a hotel. It was crazy and chaotic, but we were together. It's never easy to contain as many boys as what we have in the family. One thing about it - we never starve. You need not have had any previous training to join the choir. You will be taught to read musical notation and be given coaching.

Father Carcerano will be offering a Morning of Recollection.

Then Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, followed by lunch at noon. Advertisement . Above: Nefertari, a Great Royal Wife of Ramesses the Great. Professor Joann Fletcher, Honorary Visiting Professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, recently explored in a fascinating and engrossing television documentary the lives of Egypt's lost queens. Everyone has heard of Cleopatra, last pharaoh of Egypt, a charismatic and alluring woman so stunningly, if melodramatically, portrayed in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Professor Fletcher, however, preferred to look at the lives of other powerful female queens. Her documentary revealed the inspiring and considerable power and authority such women wielded in Ancient Egypt. Nefertari, as depicted in the image of the tomb wall above, was one such woman. Pro-choice. The woman's "right" to choose. The man's "right" to choose.

The baby's "right" to choose.

There are no rights to choose. The only "right" to choose is to make the right choice, to obey God. God said, "You shall not murder. So, without further ado, here it is. Then Islam became front page news for all of the wrong type of reasons. Sabiha herself was attacked on a bus as strangers kicked and punched her whilst trying to remove her veil. Thankfully for her she survived this brutal attack with headscarf still intact. jjj. We visited St Thomas's church in Kidsgrove again this morning. This time we made use of our bus passes to avoid a long walk in, but came back along the tow path – the church building is very near to the entrance to Harecastle Tunnel. By the time we got back to Erin Mae, it was also time for a quick lunch, and then we untied and said farewell to the Macclesfield Canal. It's been a very nice few days re-visiting the lower part of this canal, and the weather has been kind.

Perhaps it's just the cutting in which the tunnel entrance sits.

As ever, CRT Derek was very friendly and helpful, for casual visitors as well as boaters. He made sure we'd get through the tunnel without damaging anything on the roof, asking us to take off Erin Mae's chimney. .