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The temps start getting nice, the chill is gone, at least sometimes and things dry out which gets everyone thinking about there bike and a tune up. At first glance at the Motobecane Grand Touring I see a very understated but very classy bike under the grime and dullness. The Grand Touring has some nice Rigida alloy wheels, center pull brakes that I prefer over the side pull brakes from the era and what I think is going to be a very nice paint color when polished. The Motobecane is in descent starting shape, the paint is dull and has a few chips but I think it will polish beautifully. I think all the alloy will polish beautifully and in the end the Motobecane will be a stunner. I think its a cool understated color. Subtle Pleasing Sound. Looks great in home or garden. Makes a perfect gift, attractively boxed. The Ribbon Carousel Crewmates have joined forces with the outrageously talented designers from Unity Stamps to bring you an blog hop that is sure to knock your crafty socks off! 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the galleries are up at the moment at Sam's Diaries and I believe there is a video as well.

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