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Take half of the crushed peppermint and mix into the white chocolate. Mix the cereal and melted chocolate mixture in a big bowl. Make sure the cereal is well coated. Pour the cereal onto a sheet of aluminum foil and top with the remaining peppermint. Store in an air tight container until ready to serve. I am not a huge peppermint fan by any means. That being said, this is a secret recipe for crack. I swear it is that addicting. Ricardo solved the problem, once he had determined its nature, by lowering the underside of the cylinder head in that part of the chamber over the piston. Thus, most of the mixture was concentrated right at the ignition source, and would be more likely to burn without detonating. That still is the secret of the squish-type cylinder head: It concentrates the main charge in a tight pocket under the spark plug, and spreads the mixture at the cylinder-bore's edges too thinly to be heated to the point of ignition. These “end gases” do not burn with the main charge, and are only partly consumed as the piston moves away from top center and releases them from their cooling contact with the surrounding metal. JIMS is proud to introduce the Twin Cam Case Saver JIMS Oversize Tappet Reamer No.

This new tool can be a case saver if you have worn out or damaged tappet bores on any Twin Cam engine case.

This is a top quality reamer designed to ream the case creating a perfect oversize hole to fit a JIMS No. This article is about a modification to the tailstock on the shop Leblond regal engine lathe. I cant take full credit for the idea as I saw a lathe that belongs to a gunsmith named Ray with a similar modification. As soon as I saw the modification I knew he had the same problem that I have. The issue is with the clamping studs that lock the tailstock in position along the ways. When doing heavy drilling you need to snug these lock fasteners down pretty well or the tailstock just drifts back under the thrust. This sometimes means you have to take a couple of licks with the stock wrench. This entails lifting the wrench off the fastener and repositioning it several times. To further aggravate me the Leblond wrench is only six point and had limited orientations on the hexagon nut.


knowing that both they and you have a Master in heaven and that with him there is no partiality. The exercise of freedom does not imply a right to say or do everything. I gather that locals have ways of evading the restrictions but do not know the details.

Which lets me try to figure out how I would do it.

The obvious solution is a proxy server. You connect to it from inside China, it connects you to any other site you like, blocked or not. The obvious problem is that whoever is doing the blocking notices and blocks the proxy server. To which one less obvious and so more interesting solution is … . Start with ten thousand proxy servers—or at least ten thousand URL’s, possibly all connected to the same hardware. One point I should have made at the beginning of the previous post is the distinction between unschooling and homeschooling. And one can do unschooling in a school.

Our kids were in a very small private school modeled on Sudbury Valley School for some years.

Eventually problems arose, we switched from school unschooling to home unschooling, and on the whole found it more satisfactory. Hence the titles of these posts. People still wore uniforms in my nation's service, and others still dealt with life with disabilities that they got wearing those uniforms, and others carried the less-visible marks of their service to my country. But what it means to me is that it might make a citizen who might not otherwise think about such things remember that there is a whole class of people who signed up to do such things, and that our people have set up a national holiday to remind them of that fact. But I remembered. Please join me in thanking a veteran or three or four this week, for their service. Labels: holidays, thanks. surely he has more jurisdiction than that. K. A. My wife and I hopped up and implored the others to join us in the dancing. When I was at Blogorado, I had a really simple appetizer that the Farm Fam prepared, that I loved. They then smoked it. What could be easier? Sliced transversely, and put on a cracker, it was Fan. Tas. Tic. A very flavorful way to feed a lot of visitors. I mentioned this to a rather, um, heavyset friend of mine. Oh, National Scholars Honor Society. How you still pester me. You pester me not for the glory of academia. You pester me not for the recognition of honor. You pester me for money. Which I shall not bestow upon you.

Reportedly ailing Korean Leader and self-proclaimed semi-deity Kim Jong Ill is not Kim Jong Dead.

Labels: heh, identity, in the news, world view. While I don't get the over-zealous sports rivalries, I'd have to say that, for a high school prank, this ranks as legendary. Worth every bit of the three day suspension the offender got. Heh. Labels: crap entertainment, funny, heh, innovation, social conflict. Woman sues because her guacamole isn't "avocadoey" enough. The NPR weekend news show On The Media broadcast an interview with Craig Silverman.

Silverman has a pretty interesting blog up called Regret The Error, in which he details news media corrections.

For example, he links to the HIGHLY amusing Reuters online feedback page, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, which includes such gems as: Globalstar Announces Pricing Of Its Initial Pubic OfferingThis is a bad spelling mistake. Can you please take the steps needed to correct this immediately? D. H.


Yes: Editor and valid questions about such headlines as: "Gunmen shoot dead Hamas judge at Gaza courthouse. We regret the omission. While no one realy takes the Sun seriously: Following our article on Princess Eugenie’s birthday celebrations, we have been asked to point out the party was closely monitored by adults throughout and while a small amount of mess was cleared away at the end of the evening, there was no damage to furniture, no revellers dived into bedrooms in search of drunken romps and to describe the house as being trashed was incorrect. At the time I needed to work early morning hours at Menards to help get the business off the ground. Racine was so quiet riding in the dark. The bill would criminalise the act of circumventing, or making available to the public the ability to circumvent, digital rights management software locks. In short, the bill is basically designed to strengthen property rights over intellectual property. Contrary to what many may think, the economic argument for these laws is not as strong as one might imagine. For those interested in understanding why, please refer to this fine blog by Michele Boldrin and David Levine: Against Monopoly. What I want to show you is this: a letter recently published in a major Canadian newspaper, written on behalf of a group of "concerned Canadian authors. Pursuant to his employment agreement, Mr. We look forward to your contributions to Adobe’s ongoing success.

”Yesterday, after just six months on the job, Adobe Systems announced the resignation of CFO Randy Furr.

Indevus Pharmaceutical, Inc. Management is looking to acquiring strategic products and product candidates with differentiating features and defined specialty markets within its core focus area. S. Depending on the products' developmental and marketing costs, Indevus follows a familiar biotech pattern of top-line currency collection, including royalty payments, profit-splitting arrangements, or sales-back volume discounts. I think my posts on various scams may have been noticed by the scammers. I doubt very much if these are genuine. They have been deleted. If the scammers are reading my posts on their products I have an offer. If you provide me with some good quality evidence that your products perform as you claim, then I will present that evidence on this blog. Remember of course that anecdotes are not evidence. Especially when they are fictitious. It’s a vivid, startling passage, and the kids’ faces are rapt. Mine too. We read Revelation a year or so ago, and the echoes and allusions are clearer than I’ve ever seen them, so much so that we all pick them up, even our eight year old. It’s at times like this that I understand why the Puritans called the home a ‘little church’. As we sit here, the four kids and I, listening to my husband Steve read the Bible, it all falls into place. It's a gently illustrated, gently told story for toddlers and preschoolers, about a grandfather and his grandson Thomas. And all to the repeated refrain, which sighs like the waves through the pages: "Splish, splosh, splash sings the sea". There is a great doctrine hidden in this passage in plain sight. The Thessalonians, on the physical level, received the gospel with, “much affliction. ” Affliction is distress and suffering. To refuse to acknowledge the emperor as a god or a messiah was considered unpatriotic. Early Christians refused that honor to an earthly ruler, unlike American Christians who are always trying to elect a left or right wing messiah to save them. The Thessalonians would have had great distress and personal persecution if they had been true to their faith which Paul is implying here that they were. Now, you say, well it isn’t the same, but it was to the Roman.

He was introduced to me by a mutual friend cause he knew alot about the old bikes and carburetors and generators.

you get the picture. Anyone who has owned and maintained an Ironhead quickly learns how to work on them and Larry taught me tips and tricks first hand. Standing in his shed looking at his Super Glide that he had just freshly built was better then a bike show. Larry had cleaned up his lifestyle and to keep himself busy he built this little Super Glide. Try finding some reference for that. The Wabash Cannonball: sung here by Roy Acuff. I remember my daddy playing guitar and singing this when I was little. "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" Dalai Lama Mt. The image below is how it would be seen from the back: And the image below shows the view from the front.

Please note I do not have the hat.

A picture below gives you the idea, though this is not the exact outfit: So, for those of you who like to play out scenes of times past I can have fun with you re-living the 'good olde days'. Above: Edward II's tomb effigy at Gloucester Cathedral. As biographer Harold F. His father's reign had, in the words of Natalie Fryde, been 'disastrous'. Outraged by the power wielded by her husband's favourites, the Despensers, who had sequestrated her estates and virtually imprisoned herself and her servants, Isabella returned to England alongside her ally - and possibly lover - Roger Mortimer, later earl of March, and a host of supporters. City after city in England supported her, including London, which became her most imposing stronghold. C. recorded in Daniel chapter seven. Here are a few more instances from the biography by Matthew. When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. And I couldn’t be happier. The time is not what I had originally hoped to run for a half, but I know that I ran the best race I had in me today, and performed my best. And that’s satisfying. The amendments proposed include removing the provisions making it unlawful to “offend, insult or humiliate” based on a person’s race. This would be replaced with a new clause that bans racial vilification. In brief, a large number of Australian’s feel that the proposed changes will, in effect, allow people to be more racist to others. It’s not the face of Australia. We speak English. Save our Aussie culture”. Under the proposed amendments a number of migrant groups fear that they will incur more racist incidences like this one. Before I move on, I would point out that every country has elements of racism. The following is a blog of mine that has been posted on the "up the fleet" blog. The first time I heard about MYFC was on a Friday night after a drinking session with friends in Sydney. This newspaper was full of the usual dross when I came across an interesting article. There really is no choice, you do what is needed for the task at hand, PDF if it's needed, DWF if it works.

However, many AutoCAD/LT users see this as a single-view choice, not grasping, or perhaps fearing, the true power of DWF over PDF.

No, we are not talking about DWG files, or PDF, we are talking DWF. This morning Don stopped by. He lives just above the canal in Skipton and has a boat share himself. He said he'd followed this blog for a while, so it was really nice of him to call. Unfortunately the bus now leaves from a different stand, so we missed it and had to take a taxi. Oops! It was a mile and a half to walk from the station to Bolton Abbey, but it was well worth it. We had a great picnic spot, on a tree stump by the River Wharfe. Just the other side of the bridge are stepping stones across the river, which were good fun as long as no one got scared in the middle and caused a traffic jam. Upstream again and through the woods is the "Welly Walk", with lots of activity spots for children. The whole site is overlooked by the ruins – a very impressive setting. Eventually it was time to walk back to the station, and wait for the train to take us home. Unfortunately, when we got back to Embsay we found that there was no connecting bus for the last train of the day. We had to call a taxi again. Overcast and gray.

But not raining, and the wind has dropped.

It's time to bid a fond farewell to Chester. Some day we might go on through the city and up to Ellesmere Port, but not now. We'll saunter down to Middlewich for the Folk and Boat Festival at the end of next week. If we get there too early we'll see if there's time for a brief trip north to see the Anderton Boat Lift. Chester has been a good experience, from the initial tourist-type exploration, through the excitement of the Olympic torch, the soaking days that followed and the fun of a day out with family. While we've been parked we've slipped into one or two unboatmanlike habits, so it's a good clear-out and tidy-up while we've still got a mains hook-up. .